Freshen up your video creative.

The challenge of keeping your video marketing fresh is real! Sometimes you need a marketing-focused video team of creatives to partner with. That’s PatraCompany and we’re here to make an impact with brands that want to make an impact.

Together, we’ll produce campaigns that will target the buying stages detailed below.



Build brand recognition

Deliver a product or message and build your brand recognition.



Invite your customers

Encourage your customers to engage during key moments.



Drive measurable actions

Target high-intent consumers and drive measurable actions.



Being the foundation of growth, awareness campaigns are focused on getting people to notice your brand while paying attention to what you have to say so that they think of you when they need what you have to offer.

Berlin City Auto Group generates awareness.

With a need to continually inform their target audience of various sales offers, an awareness television campaign was the perfect match to let everyone know of Berlin City’s “easy” car buying experience.

Watch the videos.

  • Easy Negotiation

    Easy Negotiation

    Berlin City Easy Negotiation: Video Production
  • Easy Upgrade

    Easy Upgrade

    Berlin City Easy Upgrade: Video Production
  • Easy Cloning

    Easy Cloning

    Berlin City Easy Cloning: Video Production
  • Easy To Find

    Easy To Find

    Berlin City Easy To Find: Video Production
  • Easy Training

    Easy Training

    Berlin City Easy Training: Video Production